Three Kingdoms: Starting from the Replacement of Shaodi

Three Kingdoms: Starting from the Replacement of Shaodi


204 Chapters Ongoing Status
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regular version–

Dong Zhuo: “Liu Bian’s son is here, what should I do?! Let me save…I…eh? Why is my son kneeling?”

Cao Mengde: “I’m not, I’m not, don’t kill me, the old thief Cao Cao ran over there!”

Liu Bei: “Well, Yunchang, Yide, I am King Jing of Zhongshan…Although he is the first emperor’s son, but I…eh? Don’t go, Yunchang Yide…”

Sun Quan: “What does it matter to me? My father and brother are still alive, and I’m just a child.”

Literary Edition——

Holding a black gold and red tassel sculpture in his hand, wearing an armor with ink dragon mountain pattern, riding a black horse on a cloud, red helmet tassel, and red cotton robe, standing in front of the gate of the world.

Looking back, there are elite soldiers and generals from all dynasties, capable officials and virtuous officials, Qin Bin sighed secretly, “All heavens and ten thousand realms, I am here.”

Short version – this is just a story of an ordinary traveler traveling through the heavens and worlds.


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