Farming With Seven Wives in the Magic World

Farming With Seven Wives in the Magic World

40 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 45 days ago


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In an accident, I transmigrated to the world of magic and alchemy. Here, I became the heir of the Alpine family. But the only inheritance I received was a book named “Plant Cultivation Guide”… I thought I would live my life in peace, but things deviated from my expectation again and again. The corn I planted became conscious and accidentally rescued a rich lady who was besieged by an army of zombies. To repay the favor, she took the initiative to marry me. From then on, things became unexpected… I made alchemical puppets for fertilization but accidentally gained the heart of a talented young girl and exchanged a night of pleasure for puppetry. I set up a magic cannon to prevent wild animals, but the first time I fired the cannon, I shot down a passing magical girl… By now, I had had seven more mistresses on the farm. Some were gentle and sweet, and some were sexy and hot… The kingdom invited me to be the chief wizard? No, I just want to farm with seven wives ……


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